Liz and George Farms

Mission Statement


     Our mission here at Liz and George Farms is to provide the community with the freshest and finest meats and produce while ensuring  that the animals are treated with the utmost care and respect and enjoy their life here at our family farm. We have two beautiful streams which run through our property and we are constantly checking them as well making sure they stay in their natural state clean and preserved. It is our mission to work and cooperate with  other local farmers and businesses in supporting  each other to ensure that dollars spent here at Liz and George Farms stays here in the local community to ensure good paying jobs for generations to come. We work very hard in keeping the land free from chemicals and pollutants as well as any debris to keep it pristine for future generations to come. 

Our Farm

    Liz and George Farms was originally bought by my great grandfather in 1921 and was originally a red raspberry farm employing several workers. My grandmother worked in the fields picking red raspberries when she was not in school and manned a produce stand at the end of our driveway. At the end of the day a truck would stop in and pick up any left over raspberries for the day and take them to market in Pittsburgh.

The Farm Today

     Now her great grandchildren, my children not only help work the farm but also enjoy the different people they meet at the local farmer markets that we do from June to November. We also have a stand at the farm location in Erie, PA as well where people can even during the winter months help themselves to farm fresh eggs. Everything we sell is 100% all natural, not only chemical free, but no growth hormones or penicillin in the meat as well.  All animals are cage free and enjoy access to roam and graze the hills and valleys of our fields and woodlands of our family farm.  Produce in the summer time is picked fresh that day for our stands to ensure the highest quality. We carry the largest selection of organically raised meats and  produce in order to meet customers' needs.

Support Local Farmers


     It is very important to support your local farmers not only to ensure a continuous supply of fresh meat and produce to the local area but also for the fact that for every dollar spent locally, 75 cents goes back into the local economy, whereas if spent on items out of state, only 25 cents goes back into the local economy. It just makes sense that we support our local farmers as much as possible here in our area.